Poem Movies

The Books Trailer

 "... all under sweeping *and* overarching SPIRITUAL THEMES: Love, Spirit, Knowledge, Truth, [etc., with] whips, chains, rope, guns, smoking, grenades, drinking, [and] knives."

Mountain Song

"Listen — Mother Nature has been singing all along: *you* are gods and goddesses; the Universe is mysterious and divine by *your* design."



"I wish I had a lover who does all the things hinted to do, knowing that my word is true outside the World of Me... Don't be shy. Give it a try."


Knowledge Quest

"... we shall simultaneously be attuned to the real acceptance of natural knowing, our intuition, as we evolve in cogitation. For example: We are all Divine spiritual beings. Yes?"

Your Legacy: Life Goes On

"The final sum of life's lessons learned, crediting relationships built and debiting bridges burned."

The Lady in Security

She walks up to me but she does not say, “Hello.” She smiles a thought unspoken with body language, telegraphing, "Hey, I already know."

Drag Me Down

From East L.A. to Liverpool, the southern tip of Spain; from coast to coast — just drag me down; California to Maine.

this . . . conversation

Do I believe in a Supreme Being? I considered saying, “Yes,” but then again, somebody else opened the door and let your dumb-ass in.

Poem Movies

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this . . . conversation